Olivier Van den Eynde

Olivier Van den Eynde, Managing Director

Vast experience in international employee benefits and projects management combined with a passion for international business and transparent management information.

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International business has always been the leitmotif in the career of Olivier Van den Eynde. Early in his career Olivier worked as a financial controller for both a head office (Arcelor in Luxembourg) and a local subsidiary (BP Chemicals in Belgium) of a multinational company. He therefore understands very well the importance of correct management information as well as the relations and issues that subsidiaries may have with their corporate offices.

When joining the International Group Program (IGP) as a Senior Account Manager in 2006 Olivier became heavily involved in setting up and rolling out multinational pooling and captive programs for his clients in Denmark, Finland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. He noticed that many multinational companies have yet to take steps to actively manage their employee benefits programs.

Thinking along with his clients, he realized that traditional global arrangements from one or even multiple networks could not always bring the full response to the multinational's needs.  In his view rolling out a global benefits program in all countries can be realized by collaborating with the existing local advisors. This would lead to a better buy-in from the subsidiaries and quicker results. Hence the idea grew to create a new company that would find new ways to meet the growing needs of multinational companies.